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Kennedy Robinson

Complete Move of Obedience and Faith



"I believe that there is always something on the other side of you surrendering to the Lord's will. Yes I am imperfect and yes I'm still a work in progress, but God can accomplish his will through ANYONE! Nothing ever comes back to him void! If God has placed something in your heart do it, because it is so much bigger then you:)"

Have you ever felt like you knew you were supposed to be doing something, but you kept telling yourself you weren't capable, or someone else would be way better than you could ever be? Or even just feeling like you completely had no means of making something like that happen? If you answered yes, welcome to the proof that through God your plans will be achieved, the proof that nothing that God says will happen will ever return to Him unfinished, the proof that whatever he places in your heart with your obedience will be fruitful! Welcome to Replenished!



My name is Kennedy Robinson, and I like many who come to college was looking for something that I constantly felt I was missing out on. "Shoot, I'm grown now let me go try somethings I feel like I've been missing out on!" There I was trying to play a giant game of hopscotch, where I would be trying to please the world one day then please God the next. FAIL FAIL FAIL! I never felt happy with any of the things I would partake in. Constantly falling to peer pressure all just to feel included or to avoid being the "lame one." I was the girl at the back of the party, the one making sure the walls didn't cave in from the loud music. I'd awkwardly bob my head helplessly trying to match the beat without sticking out like I didn't belong. That had been my life! Always feeling like I didn't belong but the crazy thing is, that's only because God had been calling me to be set apart. Unfortunately, I didn't come to this realization until much much later haha. For once I didn't want to be that "goodie goodie", or "too holy." So I kept pushing my boundaries. The more I pushed my boundaries the more I pushed away from God and the unhappy I became.



God had me right where he wanted me! Clearly I had to learn the hard way that my joy and peace didn't come from pleasing others or trying to be like everyone else. That summer the pull to start a women's ministry at my school was harder than ever! I just kept telling God I wasn't good enough, didn't know enough, and who in the world want to hear what I have to say?! I decided to just create an Instagram page and I made a few flyers to stick on there. No one knew about it and I was the only follower. I kept telling myself I wasn't ready and just asking if I could even take this on! So the page sat.



That fall I had the amazing opportunity to run for Homecoming Queen for my school. Another faith test! One of the most stressful and emotional times in my college career, wheew! It felt like NO ONE believed that I had what it took to make a Homecoming Queen. "She's not known enough." "She can't be mean to people in order to have a successful campaign." "Is she even involved on campus?" So many hurtful words coming from both strangers and those who were close to me. I kept asking God make a way for me to not run or tell me to sit my but down if this wasn't his will. I can remember crying my eyes out in my car on my way home just thinking about all the negative things people had to say about me. I never had a problem with anyone and considered myself to be a pretty nice person, so when hearing all the negative it really took a toll on me. He sent me someone that next day who encouraged my heart beyond what I was expecting. I knew through this He was going to use me to be a witness. So I made Him a promise. I told him if He would give me victory over this, I would start the group He continually kept placing on my heart. From then on He placed the scripture "greater is He who is within me than He who is in the world." I meditated on that night and day whenever negativity would come my way!



I ran a clean campaign did not bash anyone or brag about my involvement. Needless to say God gave me victory over that which I had asked for. As soon as I heard my name tears fell from my eyes. I can remember looking up past the people in the bleachers, past the stadium into the sky just pouring out a heart of thanks! No one but God gave me victory. Before I even walked off the field I looked up and said... okay God.



Two months later I posted a long message on my Instagram telling everyone what I was about to start. To my surprise I was already getting a positive reaction. Girls were telling me how they have been waiting for something like this to start, therefore I knew that this was definitely with no doubt Gods will! December we held our first interest meeting and from then on we know have about 60 members and are still growing! We even have other schools interested in starting Replenishes.



God has continuously shown himself in all of our meetings together! We laugh, we encourage, we teach, we pray, we praise, we cry out, we are truly sisters in Christ! There is always something on the other side of your obedience! I'm so glad that something for me was Replenished!