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The Other End of My Testimony

We are BIG on testimonies! The freedom and peace you feel once you share your story is truly liberating! You never know how much your story might be needed for someone else. There is always someone or something on the other side of your testimony. It's so important to give God the glory for that which he has brought you through. Never feel ashamed of your past because we are not defined by who we used to be. Through him we are washed clean and made a new,

Featured Testimonies of the Month!


My name is Kennedy Gray and I'm a junior athletic training major here at VSU. I will be sharing with you my testimony and how I stay encouraged in Christ Jesus! 💕 🌻.

One of my biggest struggles as a college student is time management to reduce stress and make it from week to week or even day to day. This scripture has helped me realize that it is not my job to have all the answers and the plans. God has a perfect plan for my life and my only job is to listen to him and let him guide me in His will and His Way. Tomorrow, next week, next year the next chapter-these are none of my concern because they have already been mapped out for me.

I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I can remember. After getting accepted into the Athletic Training Program at Valdosta State I began to doubt myself and my skills and I constantly asked myself "Why me? Why did they choose me out of all the other candidates, what made me stand out?!" In my first semester in the program I had the biggest panic attack I've ever experienced and contemplated dropping out of the major. I will go live later today to share that story and the process it took to overcome my anxiety and my self doubt. 🌻🐞


I decided to just post another pic rather than go live. The last panic attack I had was fall semester of my sophomore year in college and I had already been doubting myself like crazy. This particular morning I had to be at clinical early for 6:29 treatments and I had two tests later that morning. Before anyone had gotten to the field house I felt this overwhelming fear come over me so I hid (yes I hid) in the bathroom and tried to talk myself down b/c I knew I was on the verge of an attack. In the bathroom I could hear players, coaches and other students coming down the hall and by that time I realized I was late, I started getting worked up again bc I thought I was in trouble. Eventually I convinced myself to go out to practice and that was a HUGE MISTAKE bc it did nothing but start the attack up again. (Having a panic attack is one thing, but having a panic attack in front of people is another beast in itself) Needles to say I was embarrassed out of my mind! I went to my program director later that day and requested a major change form and he refused to give me one. He told me to go home and rest and think on it more. For the rest of the week I cried and asked God to give me peace and tell me what to do and how to move on from this. I asked him to heal my anxiety and He led me to Matthew 6:25-34 (in some Bibles the header of this section says "Do not be Anxious" and in others it says "The Cure for Anxiety"). I read this passage whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressed and I know that God is in control and that Ge has placed me exactly where I need to be in order to fulfill his plan for my life! Since then I have not had another panic attack! 🌻💕 I also am no longer bound by the embarrassment of that day b/c it is my testimony and I'm proud to be transparent about what I went through bc it is proof that I serve a great God who will use your brokenness to take you further than you've ever imagined!


My name is Makaila I am a Junior Communications Science and Disorders major with a minor in Deaf Studies; and I'm excited to share some of my testimony with you. I pray that I can bring encouragement to all of Replenished Women's follwers!

Growing up my parents where preachers. I was in the 4 walls of our church or in the community telling people about Christ 24/7. When I woke up we had family devotion and before bed I would read my bible and pray. As I began to get older the life I loved became routine and I began to question whether my love for this God that I believe in was because of my parents or was this my real identity. I loved traveling to different churches with my mom to sing, directing the dance team, and preaching for children church and the youth ministry. But always having the church members eyes on me, and feeling like I had something to prove to EVERYONE. Knowing that everyone was constantly watching and judging was too much pressure and it was starting to impact every part of my life in and outside of the church. I didn't know who I was and I began to feel the zest and zeal that I had for the Lord was fading ... I was slowly losing my religion ....


As I began to show disinterest in what was going on in church and life in general I began to lose the relationship with my parents and especially my dad. At this time I was moving from Texas to Georgia.. I was losing everything at once: my faith, my family, and my friends, I began to sink and looking back now I don't even recognize the person I was. Self doubt, not feeling like I am enough, Anxiety, anger, un-forgiveness, worry, and loneliness ruled my life. full of hatred i would just sit and think .. I felt this way all because of a "church" filled with "God's people." As I was going through this phase of doubt and uncertainty I know now God never stopped loving me and always had his hands over my life .. (His Hands On You - Marvin Sapp .. go listen!!) He KEPT ME from sooooo many situations he BLOCKED sooooo many things from occurring in my life and I was so blinded by my feelings to see he was trying to show himself to be real in my life. I found myself praying to Him, a God that I was unsure of about situations that he was already dealing with but I couldn't realize it because I was in my own head .. and it made it seem like the God that i had so much love for had forgotten about me..

*fast forwards to college*
I began to start praying more but was still unsure how I truly felt about Christ and began to question if he really loved me .. I hated the place that I was in and I finally decided that I didn't want to be unhappy.. and I was going to start doing things for myself 🙃.. but everything that I was doing to find "happiness" and "love" just resulted in me sinking more and more. I remember the night my whole perspective on life changed.. I was was laying in bed and I was watching this YouTube video where this man was telling his dream.. and the part that stuck out to me was when he said "How can we continue to live this life with un-forgiveness towards others? And expect God to forgive us? How can we expect God to forgive us, keep us, and change us, if we can not forgive us?" That day that very moment I let everything go and gave all of my burdens to him (Just Want You - Travis Greene) the stress, the pressure, the anger, and the un-forgiveness towards the church, my parents, people I felt did me wrong, and most importantly MYSELF... I began to see all the ways he moved through my life and was faithful to me and how he was always a good father, Sheppard, friend and he can and will be the same for you IF YOU LET GO... it's crazy how we miss out on blessings when we are caught up on OUR way instead of HIS



Hey y'all! My name is Qui'Ana Harper, I am a junior majoring in exercise physiology.

Idk about y'all but college has definitely been an eye opener for me. During my time here at VSU, I went through some rough patches. My first year and a half was amazing. I was able to create some of my favorite memories, and still maintain good grades. My third, going on fourth years are what I like to call my "self-actualization" years. These past two years of college have been the most chaotic for me. I feel as though I've experienced every emotion known to man. I've been sick, depressed and I have also felt alone. I began to feel that loneliness with the comfort of others, craving for attention. I'd hang out with my friends 24/7, I always had some type of guy on my hip. I would hide so much pain and anger, with nothing but a simple smile. That emptiness that I was feeling began to thirst and hunger for something, something worldly possessions could not fix. The comfort of others could no longer fill that void. I grew sicker mentally and physically. I was in and out of the doctors office, and by then had lost all hope. My sickness had consumed me. I no longer craved the attention of others, but instead I wanted to be alone. Depression had set in. I'd stay in my bed for days and days at a time and cry. My crying eventually led to praying, and my praying led to me praising the lord for all that he has done. You see, even though I had strayed away from my path, I was never alone. Yea, I was weak at the time, but God finds favor in the weak, and he says that one day they will be strong. I have given my testimony to say that the devil comes in all shapes and sizes and that he aims to kill, steal, and destroy. During my shades of darkness I had to remember that "no weapon formed against me shall prosper." God never said that the weapon won't form, he just made sure that it will not prosper. Isaiah 54:17


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